Enhancing the visual appeal of your landscape can increase the value of your home. McGibbon Construction offer a complete outdoor transformation in a short amount of time and for a relatively inexpensive rate.. Allow us to provide you with a seamless transition from your indoors to out and expand the total living space of your home.

Please take a look at all the services we provide. We are more than happy to help you with just one of these services or all of them, whichever serves your needs the best.


Whether hanging or platform decks, cantilevered or roof decks, floating decks or hillside decks. Redwood or composite, IPE or FSC certified we've done them all. Not only can we help you build, design and protect your new deck, we can also help with repair of your existing deck. McGibbon decks are very popular and well reviewed and come with the McGibbon Construction seal of approval.

In addition to this our railings are strong, safe and beautiful and always built to code. Whether vertical picket style, horizontal rails, glass or cable we have done them all many times. Let us build you an affordable, low maintenance deck for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

McGibbon Construction have been the No.1 deck builder in San Francisco since 2008 but in actual fact have been building decks for almost two decades. Many people feel to build a deck is a simple process, that is until they employ the wrong Contractor then the process is a long drawn out affair that drains your bank account. Using an experienced deck contractor will in the long run save you a lot of money, allow the project to transition at a smoother and quicker rate and the difference in quality you will see at every stage of construction and for many years afterwards. We are well versed in all areas of deck construction and due to our extensive experience in all aspect of deck builtding we can offer a great guarantee with all our decks to give you peace of mind in your investment. McGibbon Decks are very popular and a much sought after commodity in the San Francisco Bay Area.
We can help you with:

  • Architectual/Engineering
  • Design and Layout
  • Choosing materials (Structural and Finish)
  • Permitting and City Issues
  • Deck and railing Building
  • Deck Repairs and Protection

With our many years of experience in deck and railing construction there isn't a deck application, style or size that we haven't built already.

Redwood Decks

By far the most popular deck in the bay area our redwood decks really look the part in the Californian sun. The red glow of redwood makes for a very appealing deck and railing.

Pros: Economical, Easy to install, readily available, FSC certified (replanted), stainable, paintable, Esthetically pleasing. Railing options inexpensive, good price range.

Cons: Softer wood, Requires regular maintenance

Cedar Decks

Not as popular in the San francisco bay area but every bit as beautiful. Cedar with its yellow tones actually holds its color when untreated much better than redwood.

Pros: Holds its color, easily installed, readily available, durable. Good price range.

Cons: Can be expensive, requires maintenance.

Brazilian Hardwoods (IPE)

Ever increasing in popularity in the Bay area Brazilian Hardwood is very durable dense wood that is a marina grade lumber meaning it is so dense it can withstand being installed into the wettest of areas. This beautiful wood from the Brazilian Rain forests has a variety of under tones ranging from dark and light browns to yellow, green and red influences. We at Mcgibbon Construction love this wood and love to work with it as the finished product when installed professionally looks amazing.

Pros: Esthetically very pleasing, Very durable, Versatile, Readily available.

Cons: Expensive, difficult to install, requires maintenance, Not FSC certified as it s difficult to keep track of its origins through the importation process. Matching Railing options are expensive.

Composite (Trex etc)

Composite decking have came on leaps and bounds from there introductory days. The various options on the market is very extensive and all come with great warranties and anti slip options. A common complaint was how false and plastic they looked which we believe has now been rectified with the new composite manufacturer lines.

Composites now come in various colors, with grain for a more authentic look, anti slip features and some come with up to a 25 year warranty covering such things as scratches, oil stains, burns, etc.

Pros: Good price range, Good range of colors, new features including real wood look and anti slip, warranty, Option for hidden fixings(no unsightly screw holes) Very durable. No maintenance required, Readily available.

Cons: Top lines can be expensive, lower lines can look cheap. can be slippery when wet, Railing option can be very expensive.


Why not take advantage of our low pricing by waterproofing your new deck. Increase the square footage of your dry outdoor living space. Use for storage or entertaining in the winter months.


This is not an area McGibbon Construction take lightly. The last thing you need to do is take chances here with inexperienced contractors that could end up leaving your property damaged or not fully protected.

We have extensive experience with aspects of waterproofing such as exterior siding, flashing, waterproof membrane layers, exterior casing and trim and much more.


Deck, fence and retaining wall repair and restoration has become McGibbon Constructions bread and butter. Not only do we restore outdoor aspects of your home but also have extensive experience restoring entire property perimeter walls with infections such as dryrot, wood worm and or termites , water damage or simply put, just badly built and need brought up to code.


A fence say so much about your property. A fence can give you security, privacy, curb appeal and help establish property boundaries.We specialize in wood fence construction, picket and privacy fences, stepped fences or hillside, and fences as part of a new or an existing retaining wall.


Our wood and concrete retaining walls are built to last and are built with San Francisco's geographical implications in mind. To say that we like to over do it in this area would be a fair assessment but always achieved within budget.


With long lasting beauty and the enduring value of pavers, allow McGibbon Construction to redefine your idea of outdoor living.

We can help with your driveway, walkway or patio in any style of paver or concrete.

General construction

McGibbon Construction are a B licensed General Construction company and have years of experience in all aspect of construction including:

  • Full remodels
  • Additions
  • Framing (residential/commercial)
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Lighting and Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Painting and decorating to name but a few.

TIC (Tenancy in common) TO CONDO CONVERSION EXPERTS. We have been through the process many times and can guarantee we will save you money during this complicated process compared with inexperienced contractors. We can save you money with inspection fees and being efficient by only completing the actual work that needs done. We can navigate the city restrictions and clean up your title/R3 with ease.

Give us a call and we will put your mind at rest during this potentially stressful process.

We Create Experiences

McGibbon Construction creates structures that are strong, safe and user friendly, we are strongly focused toward usability and end users satisfaction. We look forward to working with you.

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