How It Works : Vendors

Hitch A Host is the only site on the web dedicated to small business owners and enthusiastic hosts. We provide the most optimal resources and largest selection of matches to network your business and increase your sales. Each match is independently customized, allowing each party to be uniquely tailored to vendor's and host's specific criteria. The process to begin is quick and straightforward.


Create your Personal and Business Profile

  • Subscribe to monthly membership, only $19.99 per month, unlimited access to website, cancel or put membership on hold at any time.
  • Tell us about yourself and your small business. Include personal photos, business/product photos, specific product descriptions, what sets your products apart, define product category type, etc.
  • Describe host compensation terms.
  • Provide desired contact preference; email, text, or phone.

Start Posting

  • Create and post new parties.
  • Give particular party criteria, such as specific dates, locations, number of attendees, evite link requested, etc....
  • Parties are updated and available immediately.

Get Hitched

  • Vendor dashboard is continually updated with applications from interested hosts.
  • Vendor has ability to view host profile before accepting or rejecting application.
  • Notification of vendor decision is sent to host via dashboard action link.
  • Acceptance of host application automatically changes party status to "accepted," providing link to vendor with host contact information.

Start Connecting

  • Hitch A Host initiates formal introduction, communication continues independently between vendor and host.
  • Specific details of party are established, including host compensation
  • If party moves forward, host shares evite link with vendor via dashboard action link.
  • If match is not optimal, vendor rejects application, withdrawing all shared contact information.
  • Vendor maintain unlimited access to all other interested hosts.

‚ÄčLet's Party!

  • Party takes place without a "hitch!"
  • Compensation is exchanged between vendor and host.
  • Vendor and host are required to formally close out party by accessing dashboard action link and changing party status to "completed."
  • All contact information between vendor and host is withdrawn.

Rate your Host

  • Vendor and host have ability to rate/review one another based on five-star rating scale.
  • Once party is formally closed, vendor and host can access rate/review dashboard link.
  • All ratings/reviews are attached to the individuals profile for any member to retrieve.
  • Ratings/reviews cannot be removed or hidden from profile.
  • Neither vendor nor host is required to perform this action.