Effervescent Technology

Effervescent Technology is the fastest and most complete way to deliver nutrients to the body due to the CO2 producing chemical reactions, which thus induces enhanced active ingredient permeability due to the alteration of the paracellular pathway. It helps reduce the thickness of the mucus layer, which is present adjacent to the gastrointestinal mucosa, causing a change in the cell membrane and permitting increased absorption.

Effervescent tablets are uncoated products that generally contain acidic substances along with carbonates or bicarbonates that react rapidly with each other in the presence of water by releasing carbon dioxide. The logic behind effervescent technology is entirely based on the chemical incompatibility between its acidic and bicarbonate sources. In contrast to effervescent tablets, ingredients carried in other forms average only up to 50% absorbability at their very best. In addition, some medical microscopic studies indicate that traces of unabsorbed synthetic contents of the pills actually end up circulating in your bloodstream and have the potential to ultimately clog your arteries.

We formulate and manufacture precisely buffered effervescent products with an adjustable stomach pH, meaning our products contain a perfectly balanced ratio of acids and carbonates, altering or widening the intercellular space between the cells to deliver nutrients. Our approach to formulation is done in such a manner that the CO2 that is released facilitates the transfer of the contents of our effervescent tablets across the biological membranes, allowing for immediate absorption into the bloodstream. ICEBERG products are painstakingly constructed using small molecular structures, allowing the product to be absorbed by your system in less than five minutes. All ICEBERG products are manufactured using Pharma quality ingredients, which are twice as expensive as Food quality and four times pricier than Feed quality, which is what our competition uses. Our products lack impurities that our competitor’s brands feature, like arsenic, lead, mercury and many other harmful substances. And as always, all of our formulations feature the 14 essential amino acids your body needs to generate glutathione in our systems to destroy free radicals and fortify our immune systems.